Hotdog Street Force

The Impossibly Handsome Al Weiers

The Impossibly Handsome Al Weiers

Not only is The Impossibly Handsome Al Weiers impossibly handsome, he is also way smart about hot dogs, magic buses and hippies, as the Hot Dog Doctors found out during the mission to the Magic Bus Cafe. We totally didn’t know that this Magic Bus would be as rad as it is, and then yeah, it totally was! We were super stoked!

Al was also completely supportive of walking around the farmer’s market for a little while, and was super cool when we couldn’t find the bus right away when we were on the wrong part of Lake Street. These things happen. All the time. Lucky for us, The Impossibly Handsome Al Weiers just goes with the flow.



Lt. Brown-n-Serve, formerly known as Johnnycakes, has been with the Hot Dog Street Force since the second mission to SuperAmerica.

Brn-n-Srv fondly remembers being served Frankenfurters as a child, and says they were gross. Apparently, with every bite you could feel where the chili was, because there was less resistance there in its hollowed-out middle. It sounded supreme to the max to the Hot Dog Doctors, but then, most people have more discerning taste than us.



Dnz, pronounced Deanz and short for Deanna, joined up with the Hot Dog Street Force for our third mission to First Avenue.

Dnz is a long-time lover of the hot dog with impeccable dining credentials. She is excited to be a part of future missions where the entire Force and the Doctors can succeed. Dnz was quick to notice on mission #3 that the establishment was ill-prepared to serve the throng that would flock to a dollar-per-dog event, noting only 2 institutional-sized packs of hot dogs behind the counter. It is radical support like this that will land us on Letterman someday, so we’re totally stoked to have her assistance.



Let’s just say that if it wasn’t for HrMrSprstr, the Hot Dog Blog might be broken up. For good! Because Hz was stranded in Palm Springs, and didn’t have $950 to get a flight out, and he picked her up and brought her safely to Los Angeles where she could get home for $600 less. (Let’s also just get it out there that it was Hz’ own stupidity that landed her stranded in Palm Springs to begin with. Okay. Fine.)

Anyway, HrMrSprstr was like, “Baby, when life hands you cow lips and buttholes, make hot dogs!” because Hz’ super crappy, exhausting, expensive day turned out really fun because they went on a mission to Pink’s! And it was so great! Thanks, HrMrSprstr, you’re the MAN.



Kathryn joined the street force through the port hole and, boy, we were lucky she did! Kathryn’s I’ll try anything attitude not only emboldened the team to step through to someplace beyond, but brought the giant crndg into our practice! Kathryn willing, she will be with us on many future missions!



Kt, pronounced “Katie” has a very robust hot dog eating resume. The Hot Dog Doctors have accompanied her on more trips to street fairs and music festivals than we can count, and we can vouch for her ability to eat many, many feet of dog.

Kt joined the Hot Dog Street Force on the mission to the Twins Homo-pener and unfortch had to sit by herself for a little while. But it wasn’t too bad because she got to sit next to some SUPER cute boys who were really helpful when we were asking tons of baseball questions. Like, “Who is that?” and “What are they doing?” and “Why are they just standing there?” You know, questions like that. The Hot Dog Doctors are taking Kt to the Rock the Garden music festival this summer, and then you’ll see some serious dog-eatin’ and joke tellin’, sucka!



Lz, prounced “Liz” is short for Elizabeth, I guess, but no one calls her that. Well, we might start, but only to be funny. Here’s the super coolest thing about Liz: Before there was a Hot Dog Blog, there was “Real Time Hot Dog Eating” photos that the Hot Dog Doctors posted on Facebook. We can’t remember exactly who came up with the idea of writing about hot dog eating in a blog, but it was definitely Lz who first said the words, “HOT DOG BLOG!” out loud when the idea was spawned. The Hot Dog Doctors will never forget how her little face lit up when she realized she’d finally have the pleasure of reading about hot dogs whenever she wanted. Lz’ first mission with the Hot Dog Street Force was to the Twins Homo-pener, but she’s with us like all the time, so you’ll see more of this little number. Just sit tight.



Nz, pronounced “Nay” is short for Nadine. We know, we probably shouldn’t spell it Nz if we’re not going to call her Nadz, but give us a goddamn break, ok? That reminds everyone of gonads. Super rude.

Anyway, the hot dog doctors always knew Nz had an affinity for a nice juicy dog, but we’re not at liberty to say why. Nz first mission with the Hot Dog Doctors was at the Twins Homo-pener, and even though she arrived late and had to sit by herself for a little while, she was a total trooper. The Hot Dog Doctors appreciate in particular Nz swearing skillz. You wouldn’t believe this girl’s mouth! She even says the F-word instead of “Hello” sometimes. When we go on the David Letterman TV show, we’ll have to leave her backstage.

Paul D

Paul D

Although Paul D, pronounced Paul Dee (not short for anything-it’s just Paul D), didn’t join the Hot Dog Doctors on any serious missions until mission #3 to First Avenue, his influence has been totally major. He was the one who suggested we go to the Gopher Bar, which wasn’t open when we went on Mission one, remember?

Paul D likes to go to the scrapyard, and once he’s found all the good stuff and paid up, he get’s real hungry. So afters, he usually goes to get a hotdog. The Hot Dog Doctors will totally die if he doesn’t take us on one of these scrappin’ and doggin’ missions. We’re telling you: we’ll DIE!

UPDATE: Paul D did indeed eventually take us on a scrappin and doggin mission. It was RAD.

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Find us on Facebook! Totally premium!


  1. dea replied:

    Hz and Ez: Me loves them hotdogz, too.

    Here are some other places for you galz to check out:

    1. Walkin’ Dog, located in the NorthStar Center, Downtown Mpls: A walk-up establishment that has a website: I love it when I venture over in the Skyway habitrail and the owner/hotdog handler guy, Mike, says to me, “Hey, you must be really hungry today if you’re getting two Chicago dogs”. Wow…nothing makes a girl feel better than being called out for her big appetite. Thanks, Mike. Despite Mike’s comments, I return again and again for Chicago dogs with the funny dyed-green relish and hot peppers. Yum.

    2. Franks A Million: It’s over in a Skyway with a name I don’t know…down on the Washington Avenue end of the Skyway (the Skyghetto as I call it). Love the name. They used to be in what’s now 112 Eatery.

    3. Nick and Eddie: Their menu boasts a $4.00 bar deal: locally created dog with poppy bun, laced with some kind of spicy pepper condiment (guarnita?) and fries. Best $4.00 spent.

    4. If you venture to the Windy City, go to Al’s Beef. My favorite place for dogs, hands down. It’s like going to Taco Bell (you’re ashamed you like it, but you do), and last time there, my friend made me pick up a bag of Chicago dogs and ate one the next morning, after it sat out all night. No food poisoning. Amazing.

    5. Another Windy City hot dog mecca is Gold Coast Dog. There’s one over near Michigan and Wacker and it’s only a hop, skip, and jump from Milennium Park. You can grab some dogs and eat ’em while you’re snapping pics of yourself in Kapoor’s Bean sculpture. Pretty artsy!

    Good luck with your blog and let me know if you venture to any of these establishmentz.

    Cheers, D

    • ilovehotdogs replied:

      IF we venture? WHEN we venture, more like!

      We already go to Nick and Eddie’s all the time, in fact, it’s one of our favorite places to get hammered and eat htdz.

      We’ll keep you posted, D. Thanks for reading!

      Hz and Ez

      • Diane E. Anderson replied:

        I’d love to be a guest on your blog, i.e.: Hot Doggie of the Day, or whatever you’d like to call me. We could do a podcast from one of the many hot dog establishments around town. Do you know there’s a PBS show about the history of the hot dog and a guy I dated had a hot dog calendar…need I say more? I like the Hebrew Nation dogs and beyond that, store-bought franks are not easy on the ol’ palate. I must correct myself…the proprietor’s name is Dave, not Mike, from Walkin’ Dog. I digress…into onions and sauerkraut and such (Tums is a necessity). You Hot Dog Ladies are hilarious! Keep up the blog.

  2. tom shiah a/k/a Big Dog replied:

    great idea and long overdue–what the town needs however is a joint with charcoal hot dogs–nothing like the caviar crunch on a dog grilled over actual charcoal–i’ve thought about opening one for years– but ended up practicing law for a bit(35 years)–maybe now is the time
    Big Dog

    • ilovehotdogs replied:

      Oh, Big Dog, now IS the time! Are these towns ever hungry for hotdogs?! Yes.

  3. Steve Tenebrini replied:

    YES! Another Hot Dog Blog!

    Check out our Hot Dog episode of Lunch With Peter:

    Franks A Million is the bomb.

    I feel like I’ve already posted this comment. DejaVu.

  4. dnz replied:

    im glad for people like you.

    • ilovehotdogs replied:

      Holy Smokes, Dnz! This would NOT be possible without you!

  5. Mike replied:

    Argh! You guys rock and it makes me so mad! RRRRRR!!!

    How the hell did all those hot dogs make their way to the Twin Cities? I’m confused. And a hippie bus? Let me know when it comes to Boston and I’m there.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog since it was an ickle thing and I’ve loved it, thanks for noticing our humble hot dog blog (The Hot Dog I Ate, only the best damn hot dog blog in the world, found at I’ve added you guys to our blogroll, just because I can. Maybe we should team up sometime, Wonder Twin powers and all? For of . . . encased meat!

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