Q: How did the hotdog doctors meet?

A: Not that it’s anyone’s business, we met at a rock show at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis in like 1999 or 2000. It’s a long, humiliating story that we won’t tell unless you get us hammered. That’s how we met, and then we became serious friendos like about two or three years ago, when we helped a friend run for Saint Paul school board. He lost, but we stayed friends anyway.

Q: Where do they make the best hotdogs?

A: That question is awful. What elementary school has the prettiest children? What library has the best books? What blueberry muffin has the bluest blueberries? Which unicorn has the sparkliest eyes? All hotdogs deserve a fair chugging.

Q: Do you ever eat vegan or vegetarian hot dogs?

A: Gross. No way. But if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you totally should!

Q: When the Hotdog Blog is optioned for a movie, who will play you guys?

A: Ez will be played by David Lee Roth and Hz will be played by Paul Stanley. First of all, they look exactly like us; and second, they have a similar world view to us; and third, we think they’d have great on-screen chemistry.

A shirtless David Lee Roth will play Ez

Paul Stanley will play Hz, but only if he gets some acting lessons first!

Q: Why haven’t you posted anything since July of 2009?

A: Because we’ve been busy, okay? Don’t hassle us.

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