The Mucinex Diet

Today at the health club where Hz works…

DOUG: Hillz, you want some Wheat Thins?

HZ: Oh my god, yes. All I’ve eaten today is diet pills.

DOUG: [laughs] That’s so awesome.

HZ: Yeah, it’s funny ’cause it’s true! Did I ever tell you about when I was taking Mucinex and I lost tons of weight?

DOUG: That’s weird. Really?

HZ: Yeah. I would have kept taking it, too, because I was looking really great. But it makes you cough up phlegm all the time.

DOUG: That wasn’t phlegm. It was fat.

Mucinex makes you sexy.

Mucinex makes you sexy.

The Hot Dog Blog has ZERO CALORIES! Fan us on Facebook!

The Hot Dog Blog has ZERO CALORIES! Fan us on Facebook!

July 10, 2009. Hot Dog Dining.


  1. Doug replied:

    That Doug guy is Hilarious.

  2. Kathryn replied:

    I vaguely remember giving you your first Mucinex- I believe it was expired, but you were so desperate to be relieved from your dry cough prison that you took it anyway. So, does that make me your weight-loss guru? I should take some of that, because you should see my ass lately.

    • ilovehotdogs replied:

      Yes, it was you, Kathryn,

      Thank you for introducing me to the most charming eating disorder ever!


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